Where can I find library for easy GPIO management for Raspberry PI ?

We recommend using our BASH-based script for GPIO port control for Raspberry PI.

This library is required to run BeSmart Server.

If you want to use it standalone -  you need to do the following command on the RPi (as root):


wget http://smartphonesoutions.eu/smartgpio -O /bin/smartgpio

chmod +x /bin/smartgpio


It will download smartgpio from our server and install it in your /bin directory.

Make sure that you have wget command available (should be in standard Raspbian distribution)

To test if library is working try to execute

smartgpio set 1 1

smartpgio get 1


your should receive as follows:


root@raspberrypi:/bin# smartgpio set 1 1
set 1 to state 1
root@raspberrypi:/bin# smartgpio get 1


If you are using besmartfree.sh script - you don't need to download - it is a part of installation process

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