What kind of a heat pump can be used to integrate with the SmartHome System?

In general, most of the manufacturers of heat pumps is suitable for integrating with our multi-functional system. For each of the leading manufacturers offer adapters that convert the voltage levels from TTL to CMOS. Please review the list below to find interesting state company that manufactures heat pump.
Aquatherm Industries, Inc.
Aquatherm Industries is the largest manufacturer of solar pool heating systems in the United States, the only U. S. manufacturer of NSF listed solar pool heaters, and the only U. S. solar collector manufacturer to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. Aquatherm manufactures several of the industry's leading brands of solar pool heating collectors, including the Solar Industries and Ecosun collectors. Aquatherm's entire manufacturing process takes place at its 50, 000-square foot technology center in Lakewood, NJ - the most modern facility of its kind in the world.
Business type: Manufacturer
Product types: Unglazed polymer solar thermal collectors for swimming pool heating, industrial process pre-heating, and agricultural root-zone heating systems. .
Address: 1940 Rutgers University Blvd, Lakewood, New Jersey USA 08701
Telephone: 800-535-6307
FAX: (732) 905-9899
Web Site: http://www.aquathermindustries.com
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FHP Bosch GroupFHP Bosch Group
Founded in 1969 FHP MANUFACTURING Company and now a BOSCH company is the undisputed leader in the Water Source Heat Pump Industry. With over 40 years experience in heat pump technology behind every FHP unit, you can be sure of a quality product that will give you years of trouble free service. Our 100, 000 ft2 factory is ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certified and a state of the art facility located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, the Home of Water Source Heat Pumps.
Business type: Manufacturer
Product types: Water Source and Geo Thermal heat pumps.
Address: 601 N. W. 65th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA 33309
Telephone: 954-776-5471
FAX: 954-776-5529
Web Site: http://www.fhp-mfg.com
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AIRGENERATE manufactures the AirTap water heater for residential and commercial purposes. The AirTap is the most efficient, environment-friendly, and cost-effective water heater. It extracts energy to heat water from ambient air.
Business type: manufacturer
Product types: HEAT PUMP WATER HEATER, SOLAR WATER HEATER, water heating systems, heat pumps, energy efficient appliances.
Service types: manufacturer
Address: 5726 Clarewood Dr, Houston, Texas USA 77081
Telephone: 713. 574-6729
Web Site: http://www.airgenerate.com
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Since the early 1950's, ClimateMaster has been the world's leading innovator in water source heat pump technology for both ground source and closed loop systems. We have transformed a simple, common sense concept into one of the finest heating and cooling systems available anywhere. By focusing special attention to advanced product design, solid construction and installation flexibility, ClimateMaster systems are capable of satisfying even the most unique and demanding heating and cooling requirements.
Business type: manufacturer, wholesale supplier, retail sales
Product types: geothermal energy products, water source heat pumps, residential geothermal systems, commercial geothermal systems, geothermal system design software, geothermal earth heat exchangers, energy efficient refrigeration, air heating systems, air cooling systems.
Address: 7300 Southwest 44th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA 73179
Telephone: 405-745-6000
FAX: 405-745-6058
Web Site: http://www.climatemaster.com
ECR International, Inc
Business type: manufacturer, wholesale supplier, exporter
Product types: hot water and steam cast iron boilers, residential warm air furnaces, heat pump water heaters, ductless air conditioners, packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps, residential baseboard heat emitters, hydronic air handlers, HVAC controls.
Address: 2201 Dwyer Avenue, Utica, New York USA 13504
Telephone: 315-797-1310
Web Site: http://www.ecrinternational.com
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Geothermal Direct
Business type: wholesale supplier
Address: 6 South main Street, Clarkston, Michigan USA 48442
Telephone: 1-248-230-4615
FAX: 1-248-942-2018
Web Site: http://geothermaldirect.com
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Nyle Systems
Heat Pump Water Heaters, Industrial Drying and Dehumidification Systems; Energy Recovery Systems; Cold Climate Heat Pumps, Lumber Dryers, Energy Efficient Products
Business type: manufacturer / product development
Product types: Heat Pump Water Heaters, Industrial Drying and Dehumidification Systems; Energy Recovery Systems; Cold Climate Heat Pumps, Lumber Dryers, Energy Efficient Products.
Service types: R&D facility, consultants
Address: 12 Stevens Road, Brewer, Maine USA 04412
Telephone: 207 989 4335
FAX: 207 989 1101
Web Site: www.nyle.com
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SunQest, Inc.
Business type: manufacturer, retail sales, wholesale supplier, service
Product types: water heating products, solar heating systems, photovoltaic modules (PV modules), photovoltaic systems, radiant floor heating systems, geothermal heat pumps, valance ductless cooling systems.
Service types: system design
Address: 1555 Rankin Ave, Newton, North Carolina USA 28658
Telephone: 828-465-6805
FAX: 828-465-7370
Web Site: http://www.sunqest.com
Alternative Energy Group
Business type: manufacturer, importer
Product types: heat exchangers, heat pumps, geothermal energy system components, geothermal energy systems, New Generation EARTH LOOP SYSTEM.
Address: 6237 S. Josephine Way, Centennial, Colorado USA 80121
Telephone: 303. 794. 0972
Applied Energy Recovery Systems, Inc.
Business type: manufacturer
Product types: High efficiency commercial and industrial water heating systems, using proven heat pump technology. Also, indoor pool heaters & dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers, pool heaters, specialty air conditioners..
Address: 6670-A Corners Industrial Court, Norcross, Georgia USA 30092
Telephone: 770-734-9696
FAX: 770-453-9323
Green Planet Supply


We also recommend drilling services for heat pumps and wells in Poland to be done by Studnie głębinowe i pompy ciepła.

For other counties (US, UK, Canada and Australia) please look here

HeatPumpSuppliers. Com specializes in Water to Water and Water to Air heating, Geothermal and Heat Pumps. We ship daily and export worldwide. We have been providing excellent customer service & satisfaction since 1982.
Business type: manufacturer, wholesale supplier, exporter
Product types: geothermal energy systems, heat pumps.
Service types: consulting
Address: 5806 119th Ave SE STE A Unit 117, Bellevue, Washington USA 98258
Telephone: 18882057766
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