What is the BeSmart Server ?

BeSmart Server is a piece of software that is a core of our system.
Basically It is an interface between the hardware level and the software level of the every smart house / facility solution. In out case, it is usually installed on the Rasberry PI platform which is a great solution for controlling heterogenic enviroments like  electric switches and relays, IP cameras, motion detection systems, photocells  which a high-level cloud application that could be accessed from PC,  Tablet, Smartphone or PDA.

Be Smart server provides access through specialized REST API for external components like web console for management and smartphone front and Android platform.


BeSmart server is responsible for the following tasks:


1) Receives events from associated hardware devices and sensors and store the state of those devices and sensors in memory. GPIO, I2C, OnWire and other low-level communication protocols are used.


2) Interpretes and converts   electric signals from the devices to apriopirate logical values like state opened or closed if we are considering a door or other stuff which has two logical states.
In case of analog sensors  like temperature level indicatior - analog values which could be a for example resistance level is converted to appropriate value in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale. This process is called digitization.

3) BeSmart server stores whole information about your smart house network. You can define multiple video sources, accessing door-locks, lights, central heating boilers and air-conditioning systems. Find more about compatible devices on this page.

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