What are the types of automation in heat boilers ?

Methods of automation of central heating boilers

Modern central heating boilers, regardless of the type of fuel they are supplied with, can work in automatic mode or very close to full automation
In the case of gas fuel supply, we are dealing with a fully automated boiler because both the firing up of the burner and the modulation of the flame power is carried out fully by the microprocessor system and can be started automatically.

The situation is quite different in the case of solid fuel boilers such as coal, wood, briquettes and so on.

In these types of boilers, even if we have an automatic fuel feeder available, such as a screw feeder for sawdust or briquette, we must ensure boiler start on its own and thus in a semi-automatic way

Automation in this article is only subject to the process of controlling the fuel burning itself, and thus the selection of a suitable heating force by means of controlling such elements as blowers, fans supplying oxygen for combustion and also controlling the chimney flue outlet.

In view of the above, the boilers can be divided into

  • Fully automatic boilers - with automatic start and stop and combustion process (in example gas boilers)
  • Semi-automatic boilers - with Manual start And automation only while monitoring the combustion process (in example wood, coal boilers)

This division concerns only the automation of the combustion process itself (process control)

A completely different subject is the automation at the level of the selection of parameters for the combustion process, as described in the next article.

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