Is to possible to raw control of GPIO Ports in Raspberry PI by Android Device ?

With BeSmart Server installed on Raspberry PI this is not a problem. You simply use our REST API or use our Be Smart Web Console. It could be installed on Raspberry PI too or on external device.


API Methods examples are as follows:




PUT Force state HIGH on GPIO Port 1
./Smart/GPIO/2/off PUT Force state LOW on GPIO Port 2
./Smart/GPIO/off PUT Force state LOW ALL GPIO Ports
./Smart/GPIO/1 GET Returns  state of GPIO Port 1
./Smart/GPIO GET Returs states of ALL GPIO


If you have defined Lights or gates and there are connected via GPIO (with no Arduino MUX Board) you can access them by the following commands;


For full API Specification see Smart Homes Documentations


please remember that you need to install our library first:

Where can I find library for easy GPIO management for Raspberry PI ?

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