Is there any possibility to remote control Maytag Heat Pump by smartphone?

Maytag is a company that has been a ground-breaker for generations and it continues the tradition with the Maytag model M1200 – 22 SEER heat pump. This energy miser offers an incredibly high 22 SEER that leads the industry and will dramatically reduce energy costs in most homes. Savings up to 50% and possibly higher will be delivered by this high-tech heat pump. As you can expect, heat pump reviews offered by homeowners who have installed the Maytag model M1200 heat pump are very positive about its performance and energy efficiency. Reducing your energy bills is accompanied by some of the lowest noise levels in the industry as well as a stainless steel cabinet for great looks to go with great performance.

This is not a unit that is being offered at wholesale HVAC prices! It is one of the more expensive heat pumps on the market, but it will begin to pay you back immediately by lowering your energy bills. Prices are usually only supplied by dealers directly to customers, but we have uncovered a few sample prices for this state of the art heat pump.

You won’t be surprised to learn that this heat pump comes with one of the better warranties in the industry. The basic warranty is a 12-year limited warranty that covers the compressor and all parts. If the compressor fails in the first 12 years, Maytag will replace the entire heat pump. Labor is covered for 1 year. Dealers have the option of offering to extend the labor coverage to the full 12 years.

It is important to have the Maytag model M1200 – 22 SEER heat pump properly installed if you hope to get the 22 SEER and 10 HSPF it has the potential to give. An improperly installed heat pump will not perform up to its potential and it may fail, costing you money in the long run. Short-cuts with top of the line heat pumps usually turn out to cost us money rather than saving us money. Hire a qualified contractor to install your Maytag model M1200 with IQ Drive and it will reduce your energy bills every month while giving you indoor climate control that will exceed your expectations.