Is there an option to control my PAC 4400 Air conditioner with HTC One smartphone?



Of course, when it comes to controlling the PAC 4400 Air conditioner, you can easily integrate with smartphone HTC One and other devices. Installation is very quick and easy.

PAC 4400 air conditioner split type device that has a connection cable equipped with a quick coupler. High-performance cooling does not eliminate in this case, compact size device can be set anywhere and move according to your requirement. Air from the swing function makes this air conditioner model among others. The fan blades vibrate at work ensuring a much better air distribution devices in the workplace, which greatly increase the efficiency rises to the PAC 4400. Such features as: Triple - Manual or fully automatic operation; individually programmable switching on and off times; dehumidification function, remote control will improve the quality of the device.

There is an option of the outdoor unit wall mount - it is standard equipped with a snap standstill. 4400 Air Conditioner PAC consists of two separate units: the outdoor unit - condenser and indoor unit - evaporator. The condenser is usually mounted in the open air - on the balcony or terrace. Connecting cable unites together these two separate entities.

Willingness to work immediately after connecting the device, extremely high performance cooling air filter can be freely disassemble, variable refrigerant flow control, adjustable fan power level, antibacterial filter improves air quality, washable, ventilation function - ventilation without cooling mode control with infrared, electronic control panel, internal transport rollers, both external and internal handles (handles), work is controlled by the microprocessor thermostat.

With easy access to the electronic control panel with SmartHome system integration runs smoothly and without any unforeseen problems. Controlling the air conditioner using a smartphone such as the HTC One can be configured in just a few minutes. This will help you from anywhere in the house or change your air conditioner.