Is my Waterkotte AI1+ Series can be remotely controlled by mobile phone ?

It is ideally suited for integration with the SmartHome. Just use any type of smartphone.

Ideally suited for houses with an area of 200m2. In addition, the heating and cooling system, are used to heat the water in the tanks having a volume of 250 liters. Built-in 250-liter tank of hot water, yield 5.9 to 11.6 kW, the function of heating and cooling, the temperature to 60 ° C, the refrigerant R407c, hot water tank 250 l -, connect the heat source and heat distribution system hot water system, automation and natural cooling heating unit complete with integrated hot water heating and passive cooling function for single-family homes with an area of approximately 200m.


2.5kW heat pump uses the heat PCWU contained in the outside air or ventilation for highly effective hot water. Exhaust air heat pump has a temperature of 5-10 ° C lower and can be used to cool rooms in the summer. PCWU 2.5kW heat pump is a complete unit that uses renewable energy package that offers the greatest opportunities for domestic water heating: - The ability to work as a sole source of heating water in the season pozagrzewczym - Year-round operation of the ventilation air flow greater than 350 m3 / h - Prioritizing the work of various heating hot water in the boiler room, so that the cost of the system interact as low as possible - Time programs - Controlling the circulation - Intuitive and most powerful controller for hot water heat pump market in Poland - The ability to control and analysis of labor statistics (need a separate LAN module) - Insight into the thermodynamic system accurately metering device - Completeness of the system - including pump, shock-absorbing feet, all the temperature sensors in the set - Complete connection accessories available in the offer (including channels, dampers, louvers and wall constructions)