Is it possible to control the parameters of the heat pump Carrier Infinity 25VNA using a smartphone?

Of course, thanks to the ability to integrate devices with touch screen smartphone heat pump 25VNA Carrier Infinity, you can easily set the parameters of the pump completely remotely from anywhere. The installation proceeds without any problems. After a few minutes, you can enjoy a completely remote control of your device with just a smartphone and access to the Web. There is no need to install additional controllers - everything is done using the software that we provide. You'll save time and money. This is a very convenient solution, because you can integrate with your smartphone multiple devices (not just your heat pump). Then you have in one place the ability to control their devices throughout the home. And most importantly - all for free and without any additional subscription fees.

This is ideal for people who want to be able to conveniently control all the devices in your home. Often there is a need to change the parameters of heating - in the case of larger houses often involves a descent into the room where the appliance is located. When you apply SmartHome system, any smartphone (eg. HTC One) changes in the controller and you will not have to overcome a long road to a small modification of the parameters of the device.

Greenspeed intelligent system monitors several key features of the system and adapts its operation to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Functions of the device (such as diagrams, heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, fan speed etc.) are monitored with an easy-to-use panel mounted on the wall. The heat pump operating at 62 - 76 dB during the heating and the level of 58 dB during cooling. Advanced Silencer System II ensures quiet operation while maximizing airflow and minimizing vibrations. Infinity heat pump 20 from the scroll compressor speed-controlled properly integrated into the indoor unit provides a constant comfort cooling or heating, depending on the needs. Infinity Series Heat Pump offers precise heating and cooling, increased comfort, high energy efficiency and quiet operation during cooling.