Is it possible to control my Waterkotte DS 5027 AI pump with Samsung tablet?

There is no problem with that. Our SmartHome system works perfectly with the company WATERKOTTE devices. Model WATERKOTTE Eco Touch AI DS 5027 is a heat pump is used for heating large spaces. WATERKOTTE heat pump series Eco Touch, DS 5027 Ai is designed for heating larger buildings. The energy required for operation is obtained from groundwater wells or groundwater. COP is 5.0.

The pumps have a system of intelligent control and a color touch-screen display. In conjunction with Easy-Con jobs and temperature control can be freely adjusted. Compact size and attractive design make it easy to install a heat pump in the building conditions. Here is a heat pump accessories WATERKOTTE Eco Touch DS 5027 AI connections, power on 400V, additional control for pool heating, cooperation with solarami, mixing valve, low operating costs for in relation to the COP, control via touch screen control via smartphone and tablets (tablets compatible with Samsung, Huawei, Sony and others), reducing noise damper, modern construction, powder coated in white or stainless steel, R410A refrigerant Chlorine-free without affecting the destruction of ozone, friendly service, with all the technical components, Low operating costs by the COP to 5.03, easy control via smartphone Con-Mobile, Silentera - damping vibration during operation. It should also pay attention to modern design of the pump.


It is not important whether the control device is a smartphone, tablet, phablet. Just that the device runs on the Android operating system. With the ability to integrate with any random device is not required, additional controllers or install additional software that would provide remote access.Just a few minutes and you can enjoy a full and completely remote access and control over your heat pump at no additional cost and time-consuming installation. This is innovate monitoring solution for both home and office devices.