Is it possible to control Hennlich BEKA capillary mat using tablet or Android smartphne ?

This is the most possible with SmartHome System. Simply connect the appropriate controller - no need to install additional software or employ a person dealing with the hardware. Installation is quick and does not cause any problems. It can handle everyone who every day has to do with a smartphone.

When using traditional heating with radiators placed on the walls of the room there are large temperature differences. The hottest from the ceiling, the coolest on the floor. The use of traditional underfloor heating (PEX tubing and electric heating) has drawbacks: the length of the system response (slow heating of the room due to the thickness of the cement screed 6 cm) and a surface that needs to be applied. With electric heating are indicated only tiles (terracotta tiles), and panels, floor boards are not recommended. Manufacturer of electric heating fireplace proposes additional purchase to complement the main system. Due to the price of cement (as a reminder - spout is to have a thickness of 6 cm) and rising electricity prices are more cost-effective is the use of capillary mat. BEKA capillary mats are a modern heating system, fully functional and efficient, which gives you complete freedom and comfort.

BEKA capillary mats is a new technology underfloor heating. Traditional floor heating system is based on PEX tubing and copper tubes. Due to the weight may only be mounted in the floor. The downside of the traditional system is a long time to heat the room. BEKA capillary mats are made of plastic, filled with water heating or cooling are lightweight (approx. 0.3 l / m2), which can be mounted eg. In the ceiling or walls. Ie mechanical failure. Nailing is not a problem. In this case disconnected from one circuit (width 2-3 cm).