I want to integrate my Jiangsu Runda PV RS200M-72 with HTC ONE. Can I do this ?

Yes, you can easily integrate your Jiangsu Runda PV RS200M-72 with HTC ONE.


The integration process is very simple and requires no special equipment and even basic knowledge on how to connect the various components of the system. Just simple installation, which boils down to download and run our application and to connect the individual modules that control the following system components using a smartphone.


Made from high efficiency 125*125mm solar cells, Jiangsu Runda PV 190-210 watt monocrystalline solar panels have supreme quality and great efficiency. With high transmission low iron tempered glass and strong mechanical resistance RS200M-72 are highly reliable. Standard waterproof junction box with bypass diode, which protects the module from burning, caused by hot-spot effect because of shading.