I want to integrate my Buderus Logamax Plus GB142 with smartphone. Is it possible ?

Of course, this is possible. We also support following models :

Buderus Logamax Plus GB142
Buderus Logamax Plus GB162
Buderus Logano Plus GB312
Buderus Logano G315
Buderus Logano G515
Buderus Logano G615
Buderus Logano GA124
Buderus Logano GC124
Buderus Logano G234X
Buderus Logano G334X

Benefits at a glance

  •      Efficiency 95 % AFUE
  •      Whisper Quiet - sealed enclosure
  •      * Parts and Labor Warranty for residential applications with the registration 5Y
  •      The collector of the low-loss header for quick and easy installation
  •      Advanced easy -to-use control system
  •      4 models with inputs from : 84800 to 214800 BTU / hr


  •      Modulating the action , which is matched to the actual heat demand
  •      Available as a boiler with integrated controller Logamatic EMS easily add an optional Buderus hot water tank or control RC35
  •      Integral aluminum heat exchanger with a high surface area for condensation of the operation throughout the year
  •      Modulates the output of between 30 % and 100 %
  •      Selectable exhaust gas routing , open version of the flue can be connected to an existing chimney , alternatively symmetrical discharge of the exhaust gas system of symmetrical certificate (room sealed balanced flue )
  •      Outputs 75 , 95 , 142, 199 MBH