How to detect intruter and notify me on my phone ?

BeSmart Server contains mechanism called Triggers.

Triggers let you to design exact set of action that should be performed in case of some “source” conditions. For example you may want be notified by the SMS/E-mail when any object will enter protected zone inside or outside you building. You may also want to perform some other action as a result of some set of causes. In example you may want to close gates when you scan NFC Tag or turn on the lights in case of movement detection.


In our system , triggers could be designed accoring your personal needs.


The whole process of design part of the triggers contains the following steps:


1. Define source of the trigger

In this particular step you have to decide what state or event captured from inputs of your system will “fire” the trigger. You are able to select variety of parameters from your defined elements like motion detectors, temperature sensor, lights, relays, NFC tags scans and other. You may define source condition also as a result of other trigger. This let you to define even very complex chains of causes and effects that could be “fired” in some cases that you will define.

2. Define time and repeat rules for the source.
After you define source conditions you will be asked to define time and loop parameters. On this page you got the flollowing options:
You can run target action immediately or after a certain period of time.
You can also pause the action causing the result to the specified number of event sources.  (for example run result only 10 times no more util reset event)
It is also possible to run the event target only after repeatedly occurrence of an event source in given time period (for example rise alarm only after motion detection (source event: motion detection) will be recevied 3 times during each 10 seconds.
3. Define target actions 
 As target action you can point certain actions on the relays (ie rise alarm , turn on the light, start recording) but also you can use target event as a source condition to another rule. This is very convinient options to build complex chain rules of triggers.
Please refer to the documentation to read some examples