How to control my air-conditioning system from smartphone ?

The air conditioner is a basic device for ensuring the supply of air at a specific temperature. It is possible for both cooling and heating of indoor air .

The air conditioning system can be easily controlled from a smartphone . We have adapters for remote controls that are connected by radio or through cables to be smart server. Smartphone control is the perfect tool to save energy. You can expand the capabilities of the standard air-conditioning through the programming operation time , the amount of temperature. This provides a feedback mechanism triggers.

We support all types of air conditioners , such as:

Wall air conditioners - are characterized by high efficiency and quiet operation , while a good price. They are very popular, and by a range of models and additional automation ( eg remote key fobs) is very complex . It is possible to place the air conditioner wall in any room

Air conditioners Wall - Ceiling - mounted directly to the ceiling structure . The construction makes the air flows at high speed near the ceiling , and then slows down and flow in the room is uniform. Such a solution makes this type of air conditioner is suitable for rooms with high ceilings , where the upper parts of the room does not need to be cooled / heated as accurately as lower

Skirting air conditioners - resemble the shape and construction of modern radiator at the same time can be installed in bays. With the ability to install them ( despite the name ) in any place can be a good solution where other air conditioners can not be installed

Cassette air conditioners installed in the ceiling construction . These air conditioners allow air evenly spread from a central point ( cassette ) - this location inside the unit is virtually free. The air conditioner of this type is most commonly used in offices , shops, showrooms and service points

Duct air conditioner for simultaneous conditioning of several rooms , directing air to them with appropriate parameters (via the appropriate channels). Supply air temperature is set as the average of all the rooms , and the air is distributed very thoroughly and evenly.