How to control High voltage relays from Rapsberry PI - where is connection schema

We propose 2 relay (or more) modules for 5V (TTL) voltage. It could be use in both Raspberry and Arduino environments. 

There is the working  prototype:

Raspberry PI GPIO Control 2 high Voltage relays



GPIO is 3.3 Volts and those relays are 5V so you need to create very simple reduction. 

PNP Transistor driven relay module with Raspberry GPIO management

used components as follows:

1 Resistor - about 4,7 kilo Ohms
2 Diodes - 1N4148 or similar voltage drop in the forward direction at least 0.7 V/10 mA
A few wires



Here is the connection of wires on Raspberry PI Side:

P1 port connection

We have used port P1
Yellow cable is GPIO 17
Black is Ground
Orange is +5 V DC


Here is the movie of  working stuff: