Does my HTC Desire EYE can remote control LG Electronics USA LAU/LAN Series Heat Pump?

Of course, HTC Desire EYE as a new generation smartphone is ideal for controlling LG Electronics USA LAU / LAN Series. It is not required to install additional modules for the integration of a smartphone with the device. Just install the software opowiednie and you can enjoy incredibly convenient solution that allows you to change the temperature throughout the house without having to manually set. SmartHome system provides an appropriate system of integrated security to ensure safety of use. Most importantly, this system can install completely free - at no extra cost and subscription fees.

SamartHome system is suitable for integration with the following device that also has been designed specifically for your convenience and comfort.

Series LAU / LAN is one of the most energy efficient heat pumps lines without air ducts. These single-zone systems stands converter, which, thanks to advanced technology saves energy. Heat pumps LAU / LAN can be controlled wirelessly or using the optional wired remote control wall. Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, fan, auto and auto modes sleep and thawing can be controlled wirelessly. The Chaos Wind heat pumps LAU / LAN Electronic controls the fan speed to create a natural air flow while jet-cool options / jet-heat run at high speed fan which allows for cooling or heating the room within 30 minutes.

LG is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help combat climate change by developing energy-saving products and release them to the market as soon as possible and by educating consumers as a simple means to protect the environment - said William Cho, president of LG Electronics USA .

So do not hesitate any longer and immediately download the Smart Home System to enjoy the ability to integrate and control remote devices in your home. Without the expense and additional modules that you need to install to get everything to work smoothly.