Does it make sense to connect my Android phone with ATSCO solar system ?

Of course, you can eaisly connect your Android phone with ATSCO solar system.


Controlling the various parameters is possible through the integration of system modules. Just install the software and install the necessary modules.

The rapidly increasing use of solar energy in the world and more and more solar power is trying to meet part of its energy needs . ATSCO Solar panels on the market is evolving and renewing itself very well to anticipate the needs of their R & D activities in the market and, therefore, every day of the PV solar panel enters the market with a new product . The most basic principle of our mainstay product and service quality are the most important and relevant to the needs of our customers is the production of photovoltaic panels.

All materials used in our panel is selected from the highest quality. Important for our research panel are performed by independent laboratories . What do we do with solar panels , high efficiency performance panels were measured at the highest levels .
Panels that provide uniform temperature applied high performance hybrid lamination.

High resistance to tension coating system used for advanced EVA and the strictest safety requirements have been established .
We use a robust system with anodized aluminum frame allows you to mount the module system and confidence that is resistant to harsh conditions .

Very reliable bypass diodes tarnished or damaged cells prevents damage from overheating.
The maximum mechanical strength of 5400 N / m2 3.2 mm thickness and a low specific heat treated and tempered glass containing iron is used, a high level of strength and fracture toughness in laboratories moves.

ATSCO best to offer to its customers the best service introduces an improved process quality system. Each solar panel has its own identification number. Traceability is used at every stage of production. From production to delivery to our customers through the entire process environmentally friendly, innovative and packaging for recycling.