Do you support LG Smart Access devices ?

Yes, we support LG technology called Smart Access.


We have partnered with a local company LG, which implements new technology in home appliances. Devices such as refrigerators, washing machines and ovens are equipped with a special module that allows you to control the distance and of course read the various parameters.

Intelligent LG washing machine is equipped with features Smart Diagnosis , Smart Access , Smart Adapt and Smart Grid Ready. Smart Diagnosis informs the user of the technical problems by means of a Wi- Fi , NFC tags and acoustic signals , while the Smart Adapt allows you to download special wash programs , such as baby clothes or refresh clothing via smartphone or directly from the LCD Panel washing machine. Users can monitor the status of the machine and select options using a smartphone or TV LG Smart TV .

With Smart Access, you can control the washing machine regardless of location . Now you can safely get out of the house leaving the washing machine enabled as Smart Access allows you to remotely monitor the status of the device. With the remote control you can select programs and settings. In addition , the completion of washing or drying cycle is indicated by a message on the smartphone screen or TV LG Smart TV . The Coach Washing inform consumers about the amount of detergent needed for optimum washing and prompt to clean the drum.

Novice users can use the One Touch Washing cooperating with the application to your smartphone and allowing you to choose the type of clothing. Then, using NFC connectivity , washing machine automatically selects the optimal settings and the wash program .