Can you use IP Camera to detect movement ?

There is a fact is that there are a number of specialized sensors to detect movement .

Due to their construction they are divided into different groups .

Some of them operate on the principle of capturing the infrared radiation emitted by living organisms blooded (including humans). This group is called PIR sensors . It is an acronym for Passive Infra Red .


Another group consists of optical sensors, operating on the principle of detecting the beam intersection , typically in the wavelength range of the laser light or infrared light. On the one hand the light emitter sends a beam . A receiver on the opposite side , which is the system most often peeled from the incident beam photodiode . When a moving object overshadow even for a moment the incident beam - the sensor sends an alarm indicating motion detection .


However, there are also mechanism of motion detection that can use the typical camera in the image-recording range of visible light.

Specialized algorithms remember the look background and compared sequentially successive video frames are able to detect a sudden change in the image, even limited to a certain area of the camera . Many IP cameras one adds such a mechanism their software.  Our solutions are also able to perform these tasks by analyzing individual frames from the captured video streams IP camera even those with no built-in motion detection