Can I use my LG G3 smartphone to remote control Mitsubishi M-Series Heat Pump Systems?

Yes, it is of course possible. We do not require complicated installation of additional control modules integrated with your smartphone LG G3. Just simple installation SmartHome system, which will take you only a few minutes. You can get remote control parameters such as fan speed, control energy consumption. Integration with SmartHome system is not only a phenomenal convenience and comfort. It also security, because you can monitor the status of each of the devices available in your home and you can have access to statistics - so you'll know right away when a stranger changed the parameters of your devices. You can also control the lighting, gates and garage doors, and many other devices.

This would give you a sense of safety and comfort for all and for free. Our system does not involve any fees that you need to bear in the case of other systems that offer remote control of home.

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps M-Series are advanced, controlled by the inverter compressor (like the other products in this group), which provides higher efficiency and controlled power. Energy efficiency is no longer just an additional benefit. Today, users require that products in their homes were energy safe.- said Mike Smith, senior product marketing manager, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating US Division. The heat pump M-Series is distinguished by the possibility of individual, complex control room. The compressor controlled by inverter and LEV technology provides an effective comfort through efficient energy consumption as well as high performance. The heat pump has a number of fan speed: quiet, low, medium, high, and super-high, with auto fan speed control.



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