Can I use my FAAC 400 garage door drive with my phone ?

Yes, you can connect your garage door drive FAAC 400 with your smartphone. We support many kinds of smartphones, and also many models of FAAC 400 garage door drive. We know that the garage door drive FAAC is quite commonly used. Our experience shows that this type of engine is well suited for integration with our system because of the friendly building relays. Module, using which we connect the drive with your application is a simple design. We also support models 400, 401 and 402.


This is specification of this models :

Parameter Model 402 Model 422 Standard Standard Application Single family residence, single leaf or bi-parting gate (vehicles only, not for pedestrian use) (not recommended for solid gates) Cycles per hour 30 30 Maximum gate 90 degrees 90 degrees swing 90 degree 12 seconds 12 seconds opening time Maximum weight 900 pounds 900 pounds per gate leaf (410 kg) (410 kg) Maximum length 10 feet (3 m) 10 feet (3 m) per gate leaf Approx. operating -33o F to 165o F (-36o C to 74o C) temperature range (For extreme temperature conditions, arctic grade fluid is available upon request) Hydraulic locking Available in Available in opened or opened and/or closed positions closed positions Voltage 115 VAC (2.5 A) or 230 VAC (1.5 A).