Can I integrate ADT Monitored Home Security System with my smartphone ?

Yes you can integrate ADT Monitored Home Security System with your smartphone.
This is a great solution for owners of the system. Our companies have partnered and thus it is possible to create a control module that can be integrated with the SmartHome. It's an incredible convenience and revolution in the field of such devices.

Ask what their response time is, how many monitoring centers they have, what's their warranty, and million dollar question--how long they've been in business? The worst thing you can do is get with a company who is fresh out the gate and 2/3 yrs from now they go under... Then your stuck with parts that may or may not work with other companies and no one to monitor you! Sad to say but I've encounter people paying for a service they don't even have! They can't get in touch with the company and if someone is in an emergency situation no ones even calls the police b/c either the company can't handle all their customers or they went under and conventionally forgot to tell you however still cashing your check each month! It makes me sick to see this and believe me I see it a lot! I started working in this field b/c I was in a domestic situation and needed to feel safe... Had I had ADT a lot of things would not have happened.. Now that I do, my home & kids are protected and I can leave them knowing ADT had my back! Brinks, broad-view, security one and many other companies have realized ADT's vision and saw what they were up against.. We have bought them out and are now protecting their former customer's.