Can I control my Waterkotte Eco Touch Ai1 Air heatpump with smartphone?

Yes, of course you can control your Waterkotte Eco Touch Ai1 Air heatpump with smartphone. It is very easy to connect this device to SmartHome system.


WATERKOTTE heat pump made of durable construction. Components and built-in compressor heat pumps WATERKOTTE, Copeland Scroll and Mitsubishi, provide long-life, maintenance-free and especially quiet operation. The entire cooling system heat pumps WATERKOTTE is made in Germany, German and Japanese components. Based on over 40 years of experience, the company offers a WATERKOTTE heat pump using heat from the ground, water or air.



The new EcoTouch Ai1 Air uses the air as its heat source. It offers a complete solution for low to medium power requirements in a split design. The high-quality features of the indoor unit as like those of the Ai1 Geo. The newly designed outdoor unit is extremely economical. Numerous extensive developments of the fan resulted in increased energy efficiency and greatly reduced noise emission. We are sure, that combining SmartHome system with this device will give you feeling of comfort. You should definetly try in this in your house.


SmartHome SYSTEM works great with the company WATERKOTTE heat pumps. There are no problems with the installation, and the installation of the controller will not void your warranty. This type of system cost very much, this is where you can connect your smartphone to the heat pump at no cost.


Controlling the heat pump using a smartphone is the perfect solution that allows you to adjust the heat pump remotely. With Smart Home System not even being in the house, you can check the current status of the heat pump. Considering the fact that the installation is simple and the software is free, it is not worth more to wonder. Install SmartHome system straight to your smartphone.