Can I control my Hitachi Window Air Conditioner by phone ?

Of course, you can control your Hitachi Window Air Conditioner. We support many models of this company, for example :

Hitachi Summer QC
Hitachi Summer TM
Hitachi KAZE Reidan (Hot & Cold)
Hitachi KAZE Plus
Hitachi Microcool Cassette
Hitachi Ductable
Hitachi Concealed With Wireless Remote
Hitachi Microcool Concealed
Hitachi Self Contained Air Conditioner
Hitachi Logicool Split
Hitachi Logicool Window


Fan duct for ventilation with low dust, suitable for mounting in a vertical or horizontal ducts with diameters from 100 to 400 mm. The unique design allows you to achieve high pressures and performance at minimum noise level. Original design allows maintenance without removing the ventilation ducts. Two-stage models consisting TDx2 of the two-stage TD modules on a common mounting frame, in order to achieve higher pressures almost doubled compared to single-stage model, TDx2 are available in standard sizes from 125.


Depending on the factors causing the movement of air ventilation divided into two basic groups. The first group includes natural ventilation, at which the exchange of air in the room is achieved by wind and gravity pressure. The natural ventilation air is not subject to reprocessing. The second group includes ventilation with forced air movement. In this case, the air movement may be caused by the fan. Mechanical ventilation is divided into mechanical ventilation and exhaust air. In the mechanical ventilation air diffuser, depending on the needs, subject reprocessing. The most refined form of mechanical ventilation air supply air conditioning.