Can I control my Firebox Series 45 Boiler on the internet?

Of course, using a SmartHome system you can easily control the internet by the help of this device. It does not require complicated installation of additional controllers and other time-consuming applications.Is a comprehensive solution for those who do not want to spend time and money on commercial controllers that offer the same thing, but they cost a lot of money.

Efficient 3-Pass Design, Flexibility - Gas, Oil, Heavy Oil, and Combination Gas/Oil, ASME Code Constructed & Stamped for 15 PSI Steam/30 Water, Registered with the National Board of Boiler Inspectors,Competitively Priced, Easily Maintained, Designed for Efficiency, Large Furnace Volume for Ultimate Combustion Efficiency, Unified Refractory Base Floor, Steel Skids and Lifting Eyes, Low Heat Release Factory Insulated - 2” Mineral Wool, 22QA Zinc Coated, Baked on Powder Coat Finish, Easy Access to Fireside Surfaces, Ample Waterside Cleanout Openings, Fully Automatic Operation, U.L. Listed, Forced Draft Burners, Wet Back Construction, U.L. Listed Controls & Trim, Factory Test Fired, Flame Observation Ports Front & Rear, Standard Features, All units are factory packaged with operating controls, relief valves, burner and fuel train. Installation is made simple in that only service connections are needed to place in operation. Flexible burner systems are available for firing natural gas, LP gas, No.2 oil, heavy oil, or combinations. High density 2" mineral wool insulation assures lower radiant heat loss. In addition to meeting the requirements of UL, burner systems are optionally available to meet the requirements of FM, IRI, MILITARY and others. Steam pressure gauge with syphon and testcock; combination low water cut-off and pump control (or feeder); auxiliary low water cut-off with manual reset; water column gauge glass set with tricocks and drain valve; ASME safety relief valve(s); operating and high limit pressure control. Combination pressure and temperature gauge; low water cut-off control with manual reset; ASME relief valve(s); operating and high limit temperature controls.