Can I connect FrontPoint Security System with my SmartHome system ?

Yes, you can connect your FrontPoint Security System with your SmartHome system.


FrontPoint is Different From Other Alarm Companies.

100% Cellular - We use a built-in, secure cellular link to connect your alarm system to our monitoring station. We simply do not cut corners by using unreliable internet connections or vulnerable phone-lines.

Wireless Equipment - We only use small, easy-to-setup wireless equipment. Not only does that save you from messy wires and holes in your walls, you don’t have to wait for technicians to come and install the system. Plus, FrontPoint has no setup fees.

Free Environmental Monitoring - We offer free fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, flood and freeze monitoring, while others can charge hundreds more dollars, with FrontPoint it’s always free!

Free iPhone, BlackBerry and Android Apps – Easily arm and disarm your system from your cell phone. Let someone in the house while you are away. Get text alerts, and more!

Free Shipping - We ship the ready-to-setup system to you for free. You can easily install the peel-and-stick sensors yourself.
30-Day Risk-Free Trial – Enjoy a 30-day risk-free trial which entitles you to cancel the service for any reason and get a full refund. We even cover the return shipping.

Customer-First Approach – While nearly every company claims to put customers first, searching for their reviews online proves otherwise. At FrontPoint, we urge you to check our reviews online and see for yourself why many call our customer service “truly refreshing”.

The Safest Security – Other alarm companies are starting to recognize that internet or phone line based systems are vulnerable. So they charge extra to “upgrade” for cellular back-up. How reliable is their system if it needs so many backups? At FrontPoint, we get your security right the first time, every time, using a safer and reliable cellular connection.

The Best Security Equipment:

We only use the 2010 edition GE Simon XT for our security system. It is UL Listed, the highest, most stringent standard to acquire and keep.

The wireless Control Panel comes with a long-lasting 24-hour back up battery. The sensors use small lithium ion batteries that typically last 5 years. All equipment comes with 2 year warranty.

Using proprietary equipment by companies like ADT, locks you into using only their service. You are not locked into FrontPoint by using GE Simon XT equipment.

If you are already using proprietary equipment from another company and want to leave them, talk to us about how we can upgrade your equipment.
The Best Security Monitoring:

We offer our customers one of the most robust monitoring service available in the civilian world.

Our monitoring station is Factory Mutual Approved, UL Listed, chosen by the Department of Defense to monitor its stations and accredited by the FDNY, the highest, most stringent accreditation standard in the industry.