Can I change the heat level in the pump DS 5027 WATERKOTTE by phone ?

Certainly. Using SmartHome system you are able to control the level of heat in your pump. The solution works perfectly if you want to have permanent remote access to your heat pump. The assumption was that with minimum interference to the device could get completely remote access. Installation is not difficult and when you do not have to change the pump, of course, change your controller. SmartHome System. The device will work with all models of smartphones with Android operating system. WATERKOTTE heat pump series Eco Touch, DS 5027 Ai is designed for heating larger buildings.

With the SmartHome solution, you can easily enjoy complete control over heating in your home. Using SmartHome system, you can also adjust the torque course of the circulation pump. This means that you have control over not only performance, but also the power consumption of your device. No need to install special controllers that allow you to make these changes remotely. SmartHome solution system is a great idea for those who like and want to have full control over the devices, such as a heat pump and do not want to incur a lot of expenses, and do not want to spend much time on installation and configuration. The energy required for operation is obtained from groundwater wells or groundwater. COP is 5.0.


The pumps have a system of intelligent control and a color touch-screen display. In conjunction with Easy-Con jobs and temperature control can be freely adjusted. Compact size and attractive design make it easy to install a heat pump in the building conditions. This heat pump also includes an intuitive control system, which consists of: an extra tap water tank, chlorine-free refrigerant R410A safe for the ozone layer, the circulation pump efficiency class A torque control, integrated electrical heating unit 6kW, encapsulated unit thermo box Silentera damper, all technical components are easy to service