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If you are an investor n Calais you know for sure how important is security of your business. Owning a businesses in Calais is a hard challenge. Fiona Salas from Le Chouchen knows about this. Select the section that interests you the most:

Where is it worth go while visiting Calais ? You may be interested in Carphone Warehouse, that is situated 2, West Terrace, Folkestone CT20 1RR, United Kingdom, placed 30 miles near Three - Hastings Store on the north-east. If you need a priest, you should check Église Saint-Pierre located at 44 Rue du Four À Chaux, 62100 Calais, France, which is about 1 miles from Eglise Saint-Joseph going south-west. There is a good place to sleep, Hôtel Première Classe Calais Centre - Gare will be good choice placed 3 Quai du Danube, 62100 Calais, France, which is about less than 2 miles from HOTEL MEURICE going south-east. If you need a priest, Eglise Sainte-Marie-Madeleine will be good choice placed 39 Rue du Pont Trouille, 62100 Calais, France, 1 miles next to Église de Jésus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours in north-east direction. If you look for parts to your smart installation, you should check REXEL - CALAIS located at 2 Rue de Villars, 62100 Calais, France, placed 1 miles near DARTY Calais on the north-east. If you don't have your own car, you should check EUROTAXI CALAIS that could be found at 24 Avenue du Président Wilson, 62100 Calais, France, 31 miles next to Folkestone Taxi in south-east direction.

Homeland Security in Calais

Security of your home and family in very imporant matter. We believe that there is no more precious thing than human life, so we take the security of you and your loved ones very seriously. That's why we offer you comprehensive security, monitoring, and rapid response services, including shielded formations to protect you from thieves, robberies, and criminal activities. Statistically there was 2 crimes commited in Calais per hour. Sadly, unemployed youth and prospects often tempted with easy earnings are on the wrong road.

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