Can I remotely control Rheem Prestige Series Air Conditioner?

Of course, you can remotely control the air conditioner Rheem Prestige using any smartphone.

The Rheem Prestige Series controls the airflow of the device to ensure you are kept comfortable and free from unwanted moisture. This central air conditioner features an on-demand dehumidification feature. It includes a two-stage compressor, which is better than the old, one-stage units but not as efficient as some modern units.

One of the advantages to this central air conditioning unit is its Comfort Control2 System. This system provides 32 onboard diagnostics and fault history codes to help detect any problems or issues that may arise. If any serious problems are found, a Call for Service alert will be sent to the thermostat to let you know that problems have been discovered.

The Rheem Prestige Series features a louvered jacket that protects the coils of the device from any destructive elements. The device is made from galvanized steel, which enhances its durability and helps it withstand harsh conditions. The top grille is removable, allowing you to easily access the interior parts for easy maintenance. You can remove one service panel for even more access to the interior. The grille is also designed to protect the air conditioning units in the Prestige series from any moisture, such as rain or snow, which would otherwise cause extensive damage to the unit.

The two-phase air conditioner Rheem Prestige Series stands Comfor Control 2 system offering intelligent technology that helps reduce electricity consumption and electricity bills themselves. Most of the time the cooling system operates at the lowest level of abstraction while providing a comfortable temperature. This air conditioner is in contrast to the kiln Rheem or variable speed fan coil adjusts the air flow so as to provide effective control of humidity. By using special technology, the noise level is significantly reduced and a specially designed metal housing protects the interior from hail, debris, and other similar factors. Air conditioner cover is powder-coated, which provides protection against rust and ergonomic design makes the device fits perfectly with the surroundings.

Energy Star distinguished this model, not only because of its effectiveness, but also because it allows diagnosis impressive thanks to the Comfort Control 2 - Erich said Bauman, senior product manager.